Sunday, 22 June 2014

Mrs and Mrs Bankes - Wedding Highlights at The Harbour Heights Hotel, Poole

Congratulations Sarah and Claire! What a glorious day! On the longest day of the year, it was the best day of the year. When I was asked by Sarah to photograph her wedding, my first thought was "How on earth am I going to shoot the getting ready shots?!" but after carefully planned logistics by Claire, we had it sorted :) I was thrilled to be photographing my first gay wedding and at one of my favourite spots in Dorset overlooking Poole Harbour, (Harbour Heights Hotel) I couldn't wait! It was a the most spectacular day and I loved every minute. Enjoy married life Mrs and Mrs Bankes!!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Nick and Amy's Borneo Wedding Highlights

 Congratulations Nick and Amy! Thank you for having me in Borneo to stay and as your best man (and photographer!) on your big day. It was a truly beautiful one!! Here are your highlights...

 "Chris, Can I borrow a few bucks to get married?"

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