Monday, 1 December 2014

The Moore's Cheesy Christmas Photos

Cheesy Chrismas Family photo 2015
Cheesy Christmas Family Photo 2015

So this is us! The Moore's love a bit of Christmas and what's not to like?! Presents, turkey, terrible jumpers, horrendous decorations, mince pies, cheesy music, awkward family photos... The list is endless! So I decided to put all of my favourite Christmas cards and great Yuletide moments together in a blog.
By Jake Moore
Cheesy Christmas Family Photo
Our 2014 'Snow Globe' Christmas Card

Cheesy Christmas Family Photo
Here is our 2013 'Christmas Present' card
cheesy christmas family photo
 Our 2012 'First as a Family' Christmas Card with Lani at 3 months old
Cheesy Christmas family photo
Our 2011 'First Married' Christmas card
Can't beat a good old classic Christmas tank top!

Here's our 2012 Christmas video with the Moores. Get in Bublé!

Here's us each with Lani at her first Christmas in 2012
Our 2010 'Christmas Party' card

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