Saturday, 10 March 2012

In the sea without the waves

When the sets die down and I'm armed with a camera in a waterhousing... I may as well pass the time with a few shots!
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My wedding day 24th Sept 2011

Our wedding day captured in this 5 minute montage by the amazing

The first dance in full

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Hawaiian Waves

In September 2011, I got married to my amazing wife and then we jetted off to Hawaii for our honeymoon (we had a deal where I got to choose the honeymoon destination if we could have a baby in the first year... DEAL! I win twice!!!) 
So whilst my wife sunbathed, I spent the whole time in the water with my Canon 5D Mark II in SPL waterhousing photographing the waves... and many turtles that were having just as much fun as me in the water! 
Oh and we are now expecting a little one in September! Wahoo! 
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Wave Shots taken in the UK

Here are some of my favourite wave shots from around the UK over the last year. I absolutely love living on the south coast of Dorset. When the sun is out and the swell is in the right direction, it's perfection.  



Kite Surfing UK

Some of my favourite kite surfing photos from Poole Harbour. This area is like a massive playground for water enthusiasts. Give me some wind and sunshine and you will find me in there with these awesome crazy fools.